Commissioning Organisation – Birmingham Hippodrome

Amongst the organisations in Birmingham which present visual art, Birmingham Hippodrome occupies a unique position. One hundred and twenty years in the making, the Hippodrome’s theatrical programming generates over half a million moments of cultural engagement each year, with Birmingham Hippodrome-produced festivals contributing over 60,000 more.

The Hippodrome’s rich history and archive encompass its beginnings as a circus and home of variety performance through to its contemporary identity as one of the country’s largest independent theatres and the Birmingham home of ballet, dance and opera.

Since 2018, a regular visual art programme has been a part of Hippodrome Projects, the organisation’s curated programme of cultural and learning activity. Predominantly funded by supporters, over the past few years Hippodrome Projects has delivered thousands of artistic experiences and nurtured some of the best creative talent in the country.

Commission Partner – Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre

Founded in 2013, Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre (PSC) is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) dedicated to promoting critical engagement and innovation in the field of three-dimensional creative practice.

A resource that brings together the production of sculpture with critical, cultural and educational programming on this art form, it enables the realisation of ambitious artworks by offering expertise to help sculptors hone their skills and advance their practice.

PSC’s multifarious activities web together a rich and diverse network of individuals and organisations that share its commitment to making cultural production more sustainable, accessible, diverse and engaged.

As part of this it offers a range of technical and fabrication support services to artists, architects, designers, galleries and others. It provides skilled technicians to teach or work with artists in their studio, and fabricators who take on the complete fabrication of an artwork, large or small. | Facebook / Instagram / Twitter @PangaeaCentre

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